Other configuration options

Before you're able to configure this, make sure to first publish the configuration file.

There are a few other, minor configuration options that don't affect Log Viewer usage as much.

You'll often want a quick way to get back to your main administration panel, or to the app. Log Viewer includes a simple configuration option to set that link and its text.

    /*    |--------------------------------------------------------------------------    | Back to system URL    |--------------------------------------------------------------------------    | When set, displays a link to easily get back to this URL.    | Set to `null` to hide this link.    |    | Optional label to display for the above URL.    |    */    'back_to_system_url' => config('app.url', null),    'back_to_system_label' => null,

Shorter stack traces

Exception stack traces inside error logs can be very noisy. Often times you only need to see parts of the trace that are from your application code, not vendor code.

Log Viewer UI provides a setting to turn on/off shorter stack traces. By default, it strips away Laravel framework and Laravel DebugBar entries from the stack trace. If there are additional traces you would like to skip, you can configure them in the config/log-viewer.php:

    /*    |--------------------------------------------------------------------------    |  Shorter stack trace filters.    |--------------------------------------------------------------------------    | Lines containing any of these strings will be excluded from the full log.    | This setting is only active when the function is enabled via the user interface.    |    */    'shorter_stack_trace_excludes' => [        '/vendor/symfony/',        '/vendor/laravel/framework/',        '/vendor/barryvdh/laravel-debugbar/',    ],

Global search chunking

When searching across all files, Log Viewer scans the files in chunks, so that you can get feedback on how many files have been searched and how much remains to be searched.

You can configure the chunk size (in megabytes) inside config/log-viewer.php:

    /*    |--------------------------------------------------------------------------    | Chunk size when scanning log files lazily    |--------------------------------------------------------------------------    | The size in MB of files to scan before updating the progress bar when searching across all files.    |    */    'lazy_scan_chunk_size_in_mb' => 200,


If you have any questions, feedback, or need any help setting up Log Viewer within your project, feel free to reach out via GitHub Discussions or GitHub Issues .